Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

On April 19, 1995, tragedy struck Oklahoma City when the Alfred P Murrah Federal Office Building was bombed, killing 168 people and injuring many more.

"Partners" was inspired by a photograph taken by David Allen during the rescue efforts. It features Urban Canine Search and Rescue handler Anthony “Skip” Fernandez III from Miami, Florida, with his golden retriever Aspen. It depicts a fatigued Aspen and Skip after finishing a thirteen hour shift searching for survivors among the debris. Even after the search and rescue teams were notified that all remaining survivors had been removed from the building they continued searching. After finishing his shift, Skip was asked for an interview with the media, but exhaustion won out and he fell asleep while sitting on the curb clutching Aspen.

Proceeds from sale of posters of the painting raised over $500,000 for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, and in 2001, after a re-release of the poster, to benefit the 9/11 Firefighters Fund.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum was created to honor “those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever” by the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The Memorial and Museum are dedicated to educating visitors about the impact of violence and terrorism, informing about events surrounding the bombing, and inspiring hope and healing through lessons learned by those affected.

New Bolton Center, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1884, the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania – Penn Vet – is one of the world’s premier veterinary schools. Located on a campus of some 700 acres in Chester County, Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center has one of the largest caseloads of any academic large animal hospital in the nation.

And it was here that the famous Barbaro was treated for laminitis - an inflammation of sensitive layers of tissue (laminae) inside the hoof in horses. Because of the pervasiveness of this disease, New Bolton Center is leading the charge in treating and and finding new ways to overcome the high death rate for this disease.

Fred Stone has been happy to support the New Bolton Center in their endeavors through his the sale of prints of "Legacy of Hope", his painting of Barbaro's crowning achievement and last race - the 2006 Kentucky Derby.

"The combination of a dedicated veterinary hospital, a race horse with an amazing spirit, and the eternal hope of his owners caused me to look at this tragic event in a much more positive light." - Fred Stone

Don MacBeth Jockey Fund

Judy McCarron, who, with retired jockey Chris McCarron and comedian Tim Conway, started the fund in 1987 to assist injured and disabled riders. Governed by an impressive board of directors and advisors including Burt Bacharach, Merv Griffin, Jenny Craig, Dick Van Patten, and numerous jockeys, the MacBeth Fund assisted jockeys in a multitude of ways - from paying the rent, purchasing house trailers, to acquiring medical equipment needed by permanently or temporarily disabled riders.

“The reward for good works is most often the knowledge that we have done some good for someone in need. In the case of the Don MacBeth Fund, more than 2,000 riders (jockeys and exercise riders) from every racetrack in the country received assistance. The small safety net that we were able to provide gave comfort to riders during their recovery time.” - Judy McCarron

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